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Law and the Internet

Law and the Internet

Following the very successful publication of their earlier book Law and the Internet (Hart Publishing,1997) the same editorial team have now assembled a number of specialist authors to write about those aspects of law which are of special importance to the burgeoning arena of electronic commerce. These issues can be grouped into three main sections, which is reflected in the organisation of this book: intellectual property; e-commerce; and content liability. Within these sections, each author provides an expert analysis of the underlying principles governing the law, an account of recent case law and policy developments, and a practical guide to the way the current law operates. This book will be essential reading for practitioners, teachers and students interested in internet law and practice. Contents: Introduction - Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde; 1.The Internet - An Introduction for Lawyers – Andrew Terrett and Iain Monaghan; Part 1: E-Commerce Issues - 2. Entering into Contracts Electronically: The Real W.W.W. - Andrew D. Murray; 3. Secrecy and Signatures - Turning the Spotlight on Encryption and Electronic Signatures - Martin Hogg; 4. Payment Mechanisms on the Net – Saul Miller; 5. Data Privacy in Cyberspace: Not National vs. International but Commercial vs. Individual - Andrew Charlesworth; Part 2: Intellectual Property - 6. The Domain Name System - William Black; 7. Trademarks and Domain Names – There's a Lot in a Name - Charlotte Waelde; 8. Trademarks - Other Internet Issues – Charlotte Waelde; 9. Copyright and the Internet – Hector MacQueen; 10. Private International Law Aspects of IP-Internet Disputes - Paul Torremans; Part 3: Content Liability - 11.Defamation and the Internet – Lilian Edwards; 12. Pornography and the Internet - Lilian Edwards; 13. Canning the Spam – Is there a Case for Legal Control of Junk Electronic Mail? - Lilian Edwards; 14. Legal Regulation of Telecommunications: The Impact on Internet Services - Paul Carlyle.

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